Car dealerships often need small business loans to pay dealership fees and other expenses to keep them going when sales temporarily slow. Upstream also understands that auto dealerships require short term business funding when more buyers are trading in their cars. The profit on a new vehicle is contained in the trade-in car and until sold, the profit to the auto dealer is unrealized. This can create cash flow challenges.

Many of our best long-term clients are also in the auto repair business. These family-owned shops are a big part of what makes America great. We’re proud to support these businesses with merchant cash advances and help them through slower seasons as they compete against large national chains. If your business is part of the automotive industry, Upstream can help you obtain the capital you need to grow your business. Businesses in the automotive industry we have served include:

  • Auto Repair Center
  • Oil Change
  • Transmission and Repair Shop
  • Tire Business
  • Auto Accessory Retailer
  • Car Wash
  • Whether you are interested in redesigning your business, or just need immediate funds for a bulk supply order, Upstream can provide you with the right financing solution for your every business need. Many of our customers have utilized the funds on the following initiatives:

  • Purchase bulk inventory and supplies
  • Provided continual education for technicians
  • Purchase or repair equipment
  • Maintain facility or make renovations
  • Hire new employees
  • Auto service and repair financing can help take your business to the next level. We have exceptional rates and can get the funds into your bank account within days. Get a merchant cash advance for your automotive business. Stocking inventory requires having a healthy cash flow, which can be challenging in today’s economy. Bank business loans may be at a standstill, but alternative financing in the form of a business cash advance offers many advantages over unsecured loans for mechanics, auto parts stores, and other automotive businesses. Upstream provides financing for automotive businesses in the form of a business cash advance (also known as “merchant cash advances”). If you process at least $3,000/month in Visa and MasterCard sales, you can receive cash up front based on future credit card receivables. After your automotive business cash advance is received, we debit a small portion of your future credit card sales until the cash advance is paid in full. Your advance amount remains fixed for the entire time it takes for full repayment to be made. We get paid when you get paid. Don’t let banks stop you from getting automotive business financing. You can be pre-approved in as little as 24 hours and have your business loan alternative in as little as 5 days. Apply Now!

    Upstream is here to help you find the exact financing solution to fit your needs. Our dedicated Business Advisors are with you at every step, making the process fast and easy. Here are just a few benefits of working with us:

    Flexible Repayments

    Repayments are based on a percentage of daily credit card sales, so we only make money when you make money 

    Fast Approval

    Apply online or over the phone in minutes, get approved in a few hours and access funds in as fast as one day!

    Financing Now

    Get up to 250% of your monthly credit card sales volume in one lump sum to take care of the things you need for your business.

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    Need Funding for your Auto Business?

    Get flexible, fast funding solutions to meet your needs, including:

    Purchase Equipment
    Hire Skilled Professionals
    Inventory Purchase

    Get funded in 3 Easy Steps

    In just three easy steps, you can access the right financing solution for your business. Our application and approval process will allow you enough time, effort and energy to focus on what matters to you the most- your business!


    Complete the form

    Click here to request a free quote, and an Account Executive will contact you shortly after to discuss your options.


    Get approved in 24 hours

    Our streamlined application process allows us to provide you with a decision within 24 hours


    Receive funds in 3 days!

    Once approved, it’s an easy transition. You can expect the funds to be deposited into your account in just 3 days!


    Avoid the brokers and “middlemen” fees:

    You won’t have to worry about extra expenses. You can put your resources towards the most important initiatives for your business.

    Avoid having your credit run multiple times:

    No matter what your credit score, we offer cash advances with just a single credit run.

    Build a real relationship:

    Work directly with a dedicated Funding Manager that will help you design a creative and customized plan based on your business needs.

    Almost all business types and industries are accepted:

    There is virtually no limit to the type of business we work with.

    No collateral or personal guarantee required:

    You can get the funding you need without the worry of placing your personal property or assets at risk.

    Near instant approval:

    With minimal documentation necessary, you receive your funding much faster than a bank loan so you can get back to building your business.

    What do you need to Qualify

    3+ months in business

    $10,000/ Month Gross Sales

    Completed Application

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