Construction and Contractors

The construction field encompasses many different trades and specializations, each requiring its own assortment of tools, technology, and craftsmen. Whether you own or operate a construction business that is just getting off the ground, or has been in business for decades, you will likely always have a need for small business loans that are custom tailored for your unique industry. From concrete pumping equipment to heavy-duty welders, work trucks to hand tools, there is always equipment to purchase, supplies to order, and payroll to meet when you operate within the construction field. Smart business owners know that it pays to partner early on with a reliable source for small business capital and at Upstream, we specialize in creating custom tailored loans for those who operate within the construction industry.

Why Choose Upstream?

Partner with us today and you will quickly see that we operate quite differently from traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. In fact, our mission is to help as many small business owners as possible to access affordable and flexible business capital in a matter of days, not weeks or months like you’d experience with a bank or credit union. Here are a few of the benefits of working with Upstream to acquire a construction business loan:

We work quickly: While institutional lenders can take weeks or months to process and reach a decision on a small business loan, we have systematically created a much easier and straightforward process that respects your time as a business owner. Simply apply online and, if you’re approved, funding is often available in as little as 24 hours. You can forget about the lengthy applications, stacks of redundant documents, and otherwise invasive steps that are the hallmark of a bank loan application. Apply today to see how easy it is!

We love to say “yes!”: While most traditional banks tend to turn down more applicants than they approve, we operate quite differently and are able to deliver significantly higher approval rates than you’d find elsewhere. We underwrite our own loans, create our own lending guidelines, and aren’t solely concerned with your credit score when it comes to making a lending decision. If we can responsibly help your business and you can comfortably afford your new business loan, we will say yes!

Our loans offer serious flexibility: Your business is unique, and only you can truly understand your revenue cycle, your client base, and all of the unique characteristics within your local market. That being the case, why would we assume to know more about your business than you do? We will work closely with you to create a construction business loan that meets your needs and seamlessly fits within your budget. Just tell us how we can help and we will get to work quickly providing several payback options, loan sizes, and loan types.

Obtaining small business financing is absolutely crucial to running a successful and stable contractor or construction business. Even those companies that have significant cash reserves in the bank see incredible value to having access to flexible and affordable small business capital.

You Can Use Your Small Business Loan to:

  • Hire more staff
  • Purchase new or used equipment
  • Bid for larger or more lucrative jobs since you will have the ability to compete with larger outfits
  • Simply pay off or consolidate high-interest debt or outstanding obligations
  • Get Started Today

    Regardless of how you choose to use your construction business loan, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best running a successful business. Instead of spending weeks or months applying with a bank or credit union, apply with Upstream today and see just how easy it is to maximize your business by strategically partnering with a leader in small business lending. Take the first step and apply today you will build a serious foundation for success by doing so!

    Upstream is here to help you find the exact financing solution to fit your needs. Our dedicated Business Advisors are with you at every step, making the process fast and easy. Here are just a few benefits of working with us:

    Flexible Repayments

    Repayments are based on a percentage of daily credit card sales, so we only make money when you make money

    Fast Approval

    Apply online or over the phone in minutes, get approved in a few hours and access funds in as fast as one day!

    Financing Now

    Get up to 250% of your monthly credit card sales volume in one lump sum to take care of the things you need for your business.

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    Need Funding for your Construction Business?

    Get flexible, fast funding solutions to meet your needs, including:

    Purchase Equipment
    Hire Skilled Professionals
    Inventory Purchase

    Get funded in 3 Easy Steps

    In just three easy steps, you can access the right financing solution for your business. Our application and approval process will allow you enough time, effort and energy to focus on what matters to you the most- your business!


    Complete the form

    Click here to request a free quote, and an Account Executive will contact you shortly after to discuss your options.


    Get approved in 24 hours

    Our streamlined application process allows us to provide you with a decision within 24 hours


    Receive funds in 3 days!

    Once approved, it’s an easy transition. You can expect the funds to be deposited into your account in just 3 days!


    Avoid the brokers and “middlemen” fees:

    You won’t have to worry about extra expenses. You can put your resources towards the most important initiatives for your business.

    Avoid having your credit run multiple times:

    No matter what your credit score, we offer cash advances with just a single credit run.

    Build a real relationship:

    Work directly with a dedicated Funding Manager that will help you design a creative and customized plan based on your business needs.

    Almost all business types and industries are accepted:

    There is virtually no limit to the type of business we work with.

    No collateral or personal guarantee required:

    You can get the funding you need without the worry of placing your personal property or assets at risk.

    Near instant approval:

    With minimal documentation necessary, you receive your funding much faster than a bank loan so you can get back to building your business.

    What do you need to Qualify

    3+ months in business

    $10,000/ Month Gross Sales

    Completed Application

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